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    About Squeegee

    What A Good Window Squeegee Should be?

    2019-07-13 10:30

    A good squeegee will feature with rubber handle. Handles that are rubber are usually considered the best because you can normally get a better grip on the squeegee, and you won't have to w...

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    Why There are so Many Types of Squeegee?

    2016-05-18 15:22

    Why there are so many kinds of squeegee?Have you ever wondered this question or how to choose the correct one you’re your project needs? Here are some tips on how to choose the right squeegee for your style or a part...

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    How to Select An Excellent Squeegee for Your Tingting Work?

    2016-05-06 14:40

    Of all the components of window tinting,squeegee is one of the most important tinting tools.

    Squeegees are ma...

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    Maintaining Your Squeegee--Suggestions from A Professional Tinter

    2016-04-09 11:04

    We all know that damaged squeegee rubber is number 1 cause for glass streaks, smears and hazing. even if you have the best window cleaning skills, you still can not produce absolute window glass clarity if you don't have good quality rubber i...

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